Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hey time to WAKE up

Morning .... so I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines Day, me well I always enjoy this holiday because it is also my Anniversary...who hoo....this year we started celebrating a week ago on our trip home to Canada and we are still at it..this year marks our 25th year of marriage but in reality we started dating in 1980...31 years together that's longer than being apart ....ok let's carry on with what has brought us together today... fun I have said previously I am new to sewing and quilting but thought I would share some of my earlier projects, ones that got me hooked on sewing...there are alot of tutorials out there for making rag purses, different styles, shapes and sizes etc...I found several that used the bigshot machine to cut out the fabric...I love my machine it was well worth the investment not only can you use it for scrapping and card making but quilting as first off is a picture of a purse using the rag squares and secondly is a picture of a more sophisticated look with the squares sewn inside and a nice finished seam showing, it also has a lining and ruffled edge....and notice the fabric on the second bag...mmumm coffee...the more time you spend visiting me and getting to know me you will discover that coffee is my addiction first only to crafting...have a great day people
till next time


  1. Very nice, you know my mom was a big quilter and when I figure out how to post a pic I will show u some. She wrote out a detailed step by step how to make them for us. Even though we don't quilt so when you see them, if you want I can let you know how to make them.

  2. that would be great Becky


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