Friday, February 4, 2011


Good Friday morning...and a nice one it is...the SUN is shining and the ice is melting, kids are back in school and it's the week-end. We are heading home to Canada, I am beyond excited and can't wait to see niece Jazzy is turning 1 so it's her big partay !!!! I will post a picture of what I made her on Tuesday. February is going to be a busy month lots going on and lots of Occasions,after all it is the month for love. I also want to introduce you all to Project Life and recruit some of you to start is a kit with everything you need to make a scrapbook of a week in your life for a whole exciting and easy is that, you will fall in love with it I promise and no experience required, I chose to start this with our move to the United States and journal our first year here.I will post several times over this year showing you my progress and you can follow along, the kit is for sale on for 50 bucks...and like I said everything you need is there all you add are you pictures and some journalling to explain your pictures...well I had best go pack...I have dogs to bath, laundry to do up, garbage to take out, the truck to load......oh the life of a Domestic Goddess, I'll leave you with a picture of the Project Life Album and you can look it up on-line at and maybe investigate some before I get started...she has a live video showing it all


  1. That is so crazy, your just down the street and you guys had school and we didn't... Please have safe trip home and I will see you when you get back.. Love and Hugs. Drop by and say Hello to Debbie she is way cool and don't forget about her Newbie Party.


  2. Wendy, this is just awsome, good for you,I will keep checking out your blog to see whats up. So after I read yours I thought that this could be fun so I did one to. When you get home please be my first follower. Its at You know I don't like cooking much or very good at the home stuff that you do. so mine will be just a bit of bullshit lol see u before you read this Becky

  3. Wendy please add my link or button to your post...thank you:)


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