Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's for Dinner tonight?

Hey sorry for ignoring ya'll lately not much time for blogging except to quickly post a card for a challenge, I have been frantically trying to stay focused on my niece's wedding invitations that I am making for her upcoming wedding (since we live so far apart she will be near here at the end of March so I have to have them all finished by then so she can take them home with her)...then it will be on to the favors which I am also making for her wedding , thankfully they do not have to be finished until May...whew...ok so now onto what's for dinner tonight, how does chicken kabobs sound?..I know yumm-o and they are delish !!! cube up boneless skinless chicken breast and marinade all day in a ziploc baggie...I prefer to marinade the veggies separately...can you tell by the pictures that some don't like mushrooms and some don't like onions so we have made them user friendly for all .... not in the pictures here though are the kabobs I put together with mushrooms and onions...great thing about this meal is to each his (or her) it's off to the barbie they go...I can hardly wait ....


  1. Looks good Wendy happy Sunday


  2. Hey GF
    What's the recipe of the marinating sauce you used? You know I was gonna ask!!! Lol!
    You always have great recipes!!


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