Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Just a quick update and a shout out of THANKS to all who have helped me out these last 4 weeks since falling...turns out that what I thought was a bad sprain is a broken fibula bone in my ankle....the swelling had lessened and the bruises faded but the pain in my ankle still persisted...I know I can be a bit stubborn but I truly should have listened sooner and had it x-rayed....instead I have been up on it and now have to see a surgeon to make sure that it has fused straight and will heal properly....so as I now sit here in a boot cast I reflect on the should haves and would haves and if I had only listened and went sooner....but reality is that I have to learn from yesterday and live with today...it has been a struggle getting things done and getting around but I have had support from my family and some friends for which I am truly grateful..I have learned to slow it down and only worry about what's important and what can wait till later to get done, and have gotten pretty good at juggling ,hopping and balancing...LOL...anyway Thanks everyone for supporting me and giving me a lil nudge in the directions of the x-ray machine


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