Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So sorry it's been awhile

Hey fellow blogger friends of mine...lots going on here and not much time for playing...this week I have to stay focused and finish the 260 wedding favors I am making for my niece.... this week-end will be my last opportunity to get them to her before the wedding in July...so I just finished half completely this afternoon and the other half are partially done...hence the stay focused part right?....and another update on my broken ankle...SURGERY...yep you heard right now I have to have a plate and some screws put in my ankle...pppttthhh I am not a happy camper that means another 6-8 weeks laid up off my foot....it really puts a monkey wrench in alot of my plans...but I have to tell myself there is not alot I can do about it...so check back once in awhile there may be something fun to look at periodically

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