Thursday, June 2, 2011

Well the saga continues

Hello guys....not much to update other than I am on crutches and confined to downstairs for another 3 weeks..then maybe into a walking boot cast.....on another note when it rains it pours around here not getting into more personal battles but tests results show I am borderline diabetic and have high there are alot of changes taking place in this household....not short of which means another MOVE.....I knew this place was temporary but thought maybe a 2 year stint but nope we are on the move again so I have 4 weeks to pack up this house and be ready to make the trek...and with my leg in a cast well you can get the picture....thankfully my youngest is finished her junior year of high school now and can be my legs and help with the packing so there maybe just a few update notes here on the blog but the craft room will probably be first on the list to get packed it will be a major project considering all that I have I hope everyone enjoys their summer and will come back and visit once we are settled and unpacked sometime in August....oh ! did I mention that our new place has a inground pool in the maybe September would be more fitting .....
take care

The new hardware has been installed

the cast for another 3 weeks

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  1. You poor thing! Looks painful! I'll miss you over at MTME pretty patterns challenge. Hope you feel better soon!


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