Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm back..sort of...

Hello followers, although it may take awhile for anyone to notice this update...it's sure been some time since I have posted...with a move such as ours things didn't go as planned and took alot longer...anyway we are moved and somewhat settled...but will be without internet services again for about a week...in that time I am working on unloading the million boxes of craft room stuff and hopefully will be organized and ready to jump back in soon....while taking a break today from unpacking I decided to redecorate and refresh my blog....I have to admit that I forgot most of what I had learned about building a blog...so some things went according to my plan and some didn't ...but I never claimed to be a graphic web designer...hee hee...also a quick update on my broken ankle...it has now been 4 1/2 months and I am still in a walking boot...most of the time....(ssshhhh don't tell my surgeon) on Thursday I am hoping for good news and will promptly have a walking boot burning ceremony...HONESTLY I CANNOT WAIT TO BE FREE AND WALK ON 2 FEET !!! NO NOT WALK ...RUN OR RIDE A BIKE OR SKIP OR WHATEVER I WANT TO !!!!!! well that's it for today and I do solemnly promise to return soon

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