Monday, September 12, 2011

Good Monday Morning

Hello and welcome....
I am pleased to say that I am officially back in all capacities,, can I get a who hoo !!!, yes finally all is up and running here after spending countless hours and then a 4 hour visit to the Mac store last week, my Iphoto is updated and working and they found ALL my pictures that were {heart} is forever grateful to the people at the "genius bar" in the Mac store.... so I do have some eye candy to post today.....I have to admit it has been hard getting my mojo back after not crafting at all for the last few months, it's weird how that happens but it's true , so I started out real slow just coloring some simple stamped images and I think Mr.Mojo is back in the building and it feels's card is a card I made "just because", I haven't entered any of my usual blog contests just yet but that is right around the thanks for visiting and come back soon ....

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