Monday, September 26, 2011

Make it Monday on Monday !

Morning everyone I actually have my entry for Papertry Ink's Monday challenge ready on a Monday...looks like I maybe the first to enter ......the challenge was to cut thin chipboard from a die and stack several layers to make the thickness like a regular piece of chipboard...which are generally too thick to cut with a die....after watching today's video puzzle pieces came directly to my I went with it ...and like i said earlier this was alot of fun ...hope you like what I came up with ...and have a great rest of your day

Make it Monday

Running the die with chipboard through my BigShot about the thickness of a cereal box

this is how it comes out

Doing several cuts to be able to glue them together to make thicker chipboard accents

Stamped my background

then ran it thru the same die with the bigshot

glued together and added stamped image layer

then put my puzzle together

my finished card


  1. so fun! I love the thick puzzle pieces!

  2. What a fabulous idea to use the puzzle die! I'm going to try this!

  3. What a cute die!
    Love your news puzzle!

  4. Excellent idea - love that jigsaw die! What a fabulous card that makes!

  5. Wow, this is so cool! Great idea!

  6. This looks great! I love the puzzle pieces and the candy corn jar :)


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