Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Good afternoon everyone and welcome to today's conversation... I have so much running around in my head that I am not sure as I sit here what will be written and what will go poof !.....I hope everyone enjoyed their long week-end, mine was great we had some of my hubby's family visit from Canada....the weather was warm to start off and we swam and had camp-fires, but man what happened ? did it ever cool off fast..what's with that? isn't it funny though how it affects our moods...on Monday the first chilly day here I made a crock pot of chili and today I have a roast, potatoes and carrots in the crock for the day and a apple crisp in the oven.... awwww the tastes and smells of Autumn but I truly believe that summer is NOT over yet and I will be making salads and hot dogs again soon....I just remembered that I need to apologize yet again for the lack of anything pretty to look at but we are experiencing another glitch with our computer and since my daughter cleared our stuff, backed it up and then re -downloaded everything my Iphoto , all my pictures and my favorites have I have been reassured that they are here somewhere but I cannot find them and haven't been able to download from my camera anymore either so bear with us again please and hopefully I will be back in business with some eye candy and some more stories to share soon.
Something else that is on my mind today has to do with patriotism explanation is needed when it comes to my heart and heritage, being born and raised in Canada and just moving to the United States a year ago I am still a proud Canadian citizen but am sooo impressed with American citizens when it comes to their proud heritage and their patriotism make a long story short I was at the high school this morning (dropping off someone's gym clothes that were forgot at home) and there was a young student in the office having been caught answering a text message on his phone which wss promptly taken away from him and he was sent straight to the office... now to begin here this young man was not in the best of moods and fairly quietly expressing his opinion to no one in particular about his situation when the office doors opened and in walked to young full uniform...they had come from some forum talking to students..and straight away this disgruntled young man stood there and addressed the Marines , he started by thanking them for all they do, for doing what they do everyday for our safety and shook their heart was just swelling for this young man and how he immediately addressed these 2 Marines , and one Marine answered back with " when are you going to join us" ...the young man actually hung his head for a second and then said I am afraid sir that I don't have the courage you do... but the impressed Marine answered back with "I am sure you just don't realize yet how much courage you do possess" this time I realized that I am just standing there with my business finished long ago and came back to the "now" and turned to leave the office...I have on several occasions since moving to the States felt the over flow of pride that Americans carry on a daily basis and on every other home the flags that blow freely and proudly.. I am by no means saying that Canada is not patriotic or proud but it seems to be shown here so much more often and more publicly, it is just one of the differences that I can't help but notice and feel from.
So I think that will be all for today come visit again and hopefully I will have some pictures to display

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