Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome to a Lazy Monday

Hey There's everyone on this fine I'm taking it easy today had a super busy but fun started out with high school football then 2 visits to the Fall Festival and to round out the week-end an NFL football game...all of which I thoroughly enjoyed...I have been trying to get crafty today but spent most of my time puttering...ever do that ? and then don't really accomplish I have decided just to share some photo's of the week-end...enjoy

Opening Day Parade...I took a ton of pictures at the parade but decided to post just the pictures of the different fire trucks...with hubby having been a firefighter for more than 20 years we gravitate towards gawking at the emergency vehicles

 are just a few of the 185 pictures I took of the inside of the stadium...just for those who have never been ...whow ...I was in awe just walking in before the game even started...once again thanks for indulging me...but I hope you enjoy browsing thru the pictures

Lucas Oil Stadium

it was a beautiful day so the stadium roof and sides were open what a view of the cityscape...

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