Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cozy Christmas

Hey hope you all are enjoying your Saturday so far....ours went by in a blur ..lots to do this time of year...between raking the leaves and piling firewood the day slipped by rather quickly....thought I would share a couple of pictures today of how Christmas decorating is shaping up at our house...I have had 2 of my 3 trees up for a couple of weeks now...I know...I know but to know me is to understand me...LOL...the day after Halloween this girl goes into Christmas mode...and being from Canada I am used to Thanksgiving being over with in early October..but don't get me wrong I will celebrate again this week-end and be Thankful all over again.... with turkey and all the trimmins...and we are having a Canadian friend come visit and experience the all night black friday shopping...can't hardly wait...oh ok... I'm rambling ...onto the are the 2 trees so far... moving this year into this house I didn't realize that all the ceilings were only 9 feet... so my tree had to be trimmed minus the star is literally floor to ceiling but I was NOT giving up my tree!

Well that's it so far...boy it does seem weird though is still around 65 degrees here and the leaves are still changing and falling and I am waiting on home in Canada there is cold temps and snow by now...not complaining in the least ...I'm just sayin...weird...


  1. OMG, that tree is amazing!!! The house looks fab! Where are you from originally??

  2. Ontario, Canada...moved to the States for hubby's job last year


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