Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello Again

Whow it has been awhile...what a busy time of the year, but how quickly it passes by and now it is another beginning of a New Year here is to a terrific 2012 to you all CHEERS you can tell I have been fooling around again with the template here at Wake up with Wendy...I have always been one to change the scenery often...and move furniture around every couple of months , change paint colors get the idea...I tend to get board easily and a quick re-arrangement of furniture and the room feels new again....but unfortunately I am still learning how to navigate the blogger template and still have some issues that I can't figure how to CENTER my blog header...grrr...if anyone out there knows how can you PLEASE help me out....anyway what have I been up to...since returning home from Canada after the holidays it has been filled with taking down the 3 trees and cleaning and of course that calls for rearranging some furniture....I have not had a chance to play or enter any sketch challenges yet this year but am hopeful that this week-end I may get crafty again...I would like to show some pictures of the homemade Christmas gifts I made for this year....since I had another ankle surgery and was laid up yet again I decided to get out the crochet hooks to pass the time...well lets say that the bug bit me...I have been crocheting like a ninja for a few weeks and still don't want to pack it up....I have already started on a Christmas present for next Mom let a suggestions slip over the holidays about how gorgeous would a full size Christmas afghan be on her that's what I am working on now...anyhow here are some pictures of what I made my 18 month old niece for Christmas..I had a blast making these stuffies something I had never attempted before...and I certainly would love to make more...but was surprised at how hard it is to find Sesame Street patterns...I am dying to get my hands on Bert and Ernie but sadly have not been able to find them anywhere...even all over the luck so far..but hey if anyone out there has that crochet pattern I would love to hear from you

Well that is it for now... I did just finish Kermit on the ride home from Canada and will share some pictures of him soon...I think he will be sent in the mail come February for my nieces 2nd birthday....

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  1. Oh my GOODNESS~! These are GORGEOUS Wendy! YOu should totally sell little one LOVES Elmo!!


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