Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today is Our 26th Wedding Anniversary

31 years ago I met a young teenage boy at our local community swimming pool...who knew.... that young teenage boy would become my best friend, my husband and the father of my 3 children and still be by my side today....

Happy Anniversary
Love Ya


  1. Ok, not only do I love your new blog look....AWESOME!!! Love the older photos, being a 80's girl myself, I can relate to our fashion back then, but two are hot!!! Congrats!!

  2. thanks guys...aww the 80's...LOL...what a time period, glad the hair got smaller and the glasses too!

  3. Awesome! Happy day to you! There's no way you have been married that long... look how amazing you both look! You look even younger now than you did when you got married. Good job. lol :) Hope you have another great 26+ years!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!Wonderful pictures Wendy!!


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