Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Great to be BACK !

Good Morning and...

It was fabulous going home to Canada to see our families...but it is also is great to be back in the craftroom ;) .... today I wanted to share with you one of the homemade gifts I made this year...had I known that this would take much more time than expected I certainly would have managed my time better..but I got it done with only a few days to spare..in my defense I did start it last January and worked on it off and on for months then started at it full force in October but still only finished it the Saturday before we left for Canada...

My Mom had mentioned how nice it would be to decorate her bedroom for Christmas ...the idea then came to me about making her a queen size bedspread with Poinsettias on it...so I bought a pattern for a snowflake afghan and adapted it for what I wanted ...then browsed the internet for a pattern for poinsettias...so 228 snowflakes crocheted and whip stitched together  later ... and 28 poinsettias made up of 6 petals each then hand sewn together along with a crocheted leaf  and yellow stamen ...
here it is

The only sad part is I was more concerned with getting it finished I never really got any good pictures of it in consistant lighting...so here goes anyways

Mom was ecstatic..  here it is on her bed .. and well...I guess I kinda promised her I would make 2 pillow shams to match for Mothers day ..oh brother ... I am hoping I can get back at it soon ...but honestly I am really tired of snowflakes ... ack :)

Well thanks for sticking around for such a long post and again sorry for the bad pictures 
I'll be back with some crafty cards soon


  1. Happy 2013! What a wonderful gift you made for your Mum - she will treasure that forever, I'm sure!

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